Our delicious new snacking breads, available in sweet and savoury varieties, are the ideal accompaniment to coffee or soup.

Available in four varieties – two sweet and two savoury, simply thaw & serve or for added crispiness bake for 2-3 minutes in your oven.

• B’Break Chocolate Chip

• B’Break Muesli

• B’Break Olive & Rosemary

• B’Break Chorizo & Paprika

All products weigh in at a generous 70g and are packed in small cases of 40 to minimise freezer space requirements.

60819_425x320 - Olive & Rosemary.jpg

F60819 - Olive & Rosemary

The Mediterranean One…..2 Olive sand Rosemary

A generous blend (30%) of green olives and black olives, a dash of rosemary & a splash of extra virgin olive oil to enhance the taste. Vegan.

60820_425x320 - Chorizo & Paprika.jpg

F60820 - Chorizo & Paprika

The Sunny One…..Chorizo

Very high-quality chorizo, free of colourants and smoked over beech wood combined with paprika for a lovely appetising  colour and a mild and fragrant note.

60821_425x320 - Cocoa Choc Chip.jpg

F60821 - Cocoa Choc Chip

The Indulgent One….Cocoa Choc Chip

A large quantity of chocolate chips with at least 50% cocoa. Vegetarian.

60822_425x320 - Muesli.jpg

F60822 - Muesli

The Energetic One…..Muesli

“Home-made” muesli mix made from 5 cereals and dried fruits (free of preservatives), enhanced with a dash of honey for a naturally sweet note. Vegetarian.