Wrapped Pastries FROM DÉLIFRANCE

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Our Délifrance baked and wrapped continental pastries come in three delicious varities- All Butter Croissant, Pain au Chocolat and Maple Pecan Plait. Simply defrost, date and display.

  • Fully-baked – no oven needed
  • Thaw & serve for minimal preparation
  • Two-day shelf-life for low waste
  • Fully wrapped – ideal for ‘grab & go’

F67677 - Délifrance Wrapped Maple Pecan Plait

Individually wrapped Danish pastry filled with maple syrup and topped with pecan nuts.

F67597 - Délifrance Wrapped All Butter Croissant

Individually wrapped all butter pastry.

F67598 - Délifrance Wrapped All Butter Pain Au Chocolat

Individually wrapped all butter pastry with a rich chocolate filling.