Our Jamaican style patties are sure to spice up your hot cabinet! Available in three generously varieties – each encased in its own uniquely seasoned Jamaican style pastry.

Simply bake for 30-35 minutes and display in your hot cabinet for up to four hours. Bags and labels, highlighting the variety, are also included in the case.

Ja’ Patties are supported with free of charge point of sale including posters and shelf-strips.

F61990 - Curried Lamb

A generous filling of medium spiced curried minced lamb, onion, peas, potato and tomato, in a vibrant, coloured paprika seasoned, Jamaican style pastry.

F61991 - Jerk Chicken

A hot spicy jerk chicken filling with chicken pieces, spring onions, potato and tomato in a curry seasoned Turmeric and coriander leaf Jamaican style pastry.

F61992 - Sweet Potato & Coconut

A delicious mild spiced sweet potato and coconut filling with red and green peppers in a Tumeric spice blend seasoned Jamaican style pastry.


Bags & Labels Included!

Inside each box you will find 36 patties. brightly coloured bags and labels.


Free of charge point of sale!

Ja' Patties is supported with a full range of point of sale.


Display Equipment

Contact your Regional Sales Executive for details of shelf-strips and branded equipment.