Mini ambient savoury pastries


Our Ambient Savoury Pastry concept enables you to sell savoury pastries at room temperature without the worry of holding time or waste.

Developed to be eaten hot or cold, simply bake the pastries as normal, allow to cool, then bag, label and display in a countertop unit. Shelf-life for ambient displayed products is 12 hours, allowing you to maintain availability right through the day!

Because the products are served ‘ambient’ there’s no VAT to pay, which means you can offer your customers real value for money. The RRP is 3 for £1 – at 10 packs a day, this equates to over £1,000 profit per annum.

F62198 - Mini D-Shaped Beef Pastie

Beef, potato, onion, carrot and swede filling encased in puff pastry. Sato code for pack of 3: 2395.

F68090 - 4" Sausage Rolls

Delicious seasoned pork sausage meat wrapped in golden puff pastry. Sato code for pack of 3: 2482.

F68091 - 4" Cheese & Onion Rolls

Crisp golden puff pastry generously filled with tasty cheese and diced onion. Sato code for pack of 3: 2437.